Additional Resources

Books About Modjeska and Nineteenth-Century Theatre

Starring Madame Modjeska: On Tour in Poland and America
by Beth Holmgren (November 10, 2011)

“Memories and Impressions” – Helena Modjeska

“Fair Rosalind—The American Career of Helena Modjeska” – Marion Moore Coleman

“Wanderers Twain” – Marion Moore Coleman

“Footlights and Spotlights” – Otis Skinner

“Behind the Scenes With Edwin Booth” – Katharine Goodale

“Memories” – Ethel Barrymore

“Life on the Modjeska Ranch in the Gay Nineties” – Theodore Payne

“Helena Modrzejewska (1840-1909) For the Love of Art” – published by Muzeum
Historyczne Miasta Krakowa, 2009

“What I Received from God and from People—A Story of Helena Modjeska” – Joanna
Sokolowska-Gwizdka, published 2009

Documentary Film

“Modjeska—Woman Triumphant” – Basia Myszynski, director Leonard
Myszynski, cinematographer, 2009. Order DVD from this Website:

Television Video

“California’s Gold” – A Visit to Arden, with Huell Howser.

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